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Archive you ever desired to have a superpower… or two?What if we told you that you DO?!And that the more you acknowledge that, the stronger it will grow.Check out this installment of the Tour of Consciousness where we look at the superpower of luck, for the weird, wacky and different....

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Do you ever have those mornings where you don’t want to get out of bed and you know you can’t go the entire day like this? What if you could wake up with wings instead and create something entirely new on the days where you just wanted to hide?So how can you do that?Acknowledge your BodyHow many times do you rush out of bed in...

Read More if the Universe actually has your back?What if somewhere, within, you KNOW that?What if the way it shows up just never ever looks like you think it will — or should?If you were willing to listen, what would the universe tell you?Would you be willing to let go of all expectations and projections of the universe, just for a few minutes, and do exactly...

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