What If You Don’t Have To Find The Real You?

How often have you been at a crossroads in life, feeling like you’re living inauthentically, and that if you could just get back to the “real you”, things would be easier?

Here’s a controversial opinion (you know I don’t shy away from those!): What if there is no ‘real’ you?

Being you isn’t about defining what you aren’t, or being the real you. That’s because you are too big to be defined!

Deciding who you ‘really’ are, and trying to BE that – looking, acting and talking a certain way – isn’t really being you at all. When you try to think about what makes you what you are, where do you even begin?

You’re an infinite being, and you exist without limits.
Your differences are the secret sauce to what’s right about being you.
You are able to choose to be you every day – you’re already being you, and there is no ‘real’ you waiting to be discovered.

Are you willing to be completely undefined?