What Is On The Other Side Of Being You?

For so many of us, choosing to be different, releasing the need to be normal and embracing the gift of being you feels scary.

We know what is available to us in this reality.
We know what is possible if we stay in a box and keep fitting in.

Wondering what lies on the other side of being you can be terrifying, because we haven’t been encouraged to explore these possibilities.

Here’s what I want you to know is on the other side of Being You:

–> A world beyond EVERYTHING you think is possible right now.

–> A world without limitations, because you realize that everything is a choice.

–> EASE. When you choose to be you, and stop trying to be “normal”, things really do get easier, I promise you.

–> JOY. The joy that comes from realizing you are too infinite to fit in a box, and too creative to NOT be constantly creating incredible possibilities.

I am grateful for you, and I promise you that on the other side of being you is INFINITE ease, joy and glory.