What Nature Can Teach Us About Being

There are 7 billion people on this planet at this point in time. Each one of us has a different fingerprint and retina.

Think about that for a minute, out of 7 billion people, no two people have the same fingerprint or retina. Each one of the 7 billion has a different energy that can contribute to the planet.

Biodiversity in nature is one of the greatest gifts to the planet. Nature uses the biodiversity to generate and create more possibilities for the planet every day.

Imagine what could be created for the planet if each one of the 7 billion people on the planet used their energy to create something greater.

“The planet might have 7 billion individuals but it interconnects our energies and creates the planet together. That’s what we have to do as humans, we have to put our energies together to create a different possibility and at the moment, we’re not.” –~ Tim Bothams

Nature can teach us so much about being. It has no point of view, only that it wishes to create greater possibility.

When geese fly in a v-formation together, they are able to fly seventy percent further with the same amount of energy than if each goose flew alone. The geese have discovered that they are able to reach their destination a lot quicker and expend less energy if they fly in together in formation.

When a goose drops out of formation it quickly discovers that it takes more effort and energy to fly. The goose will quickly return to the formation to take advantage of the lifting power that comes from flying together.

The goose at the front of the formation has to expend lots of energy because it is the first to break up the flow of air that provides the lift to the entire flock, when the goose gets tired it will drop out of the front position and move to the back of the formation and another goose will move into the leadership position.

The geese have no point of view on who is the leader of the formation only that they reach their destination together. If a goose falls ill or cannot make the journey and drops out of the formation, two geese will stay with that goose until it is able to fly or dies.

What else would be possible if we all created from no point of view only contribution and the kingdom of we? What else could we create with the planet and everyone on it?

Tim and Tanya Bothams run a successful bio energetic farm in Queensland, Australia, where they have learned and developed awareness on the contribution that we can be and receive from the earth. They live on their farm with their teenage son, and in their spare time give talks and seminars on farming and consciousness with the earth.