Have You Been Using Judgment To Stop You?

If you’ve recently been on the receiving end of judgment then you may have noticed that it is not pleasant or comfortable, but is it actually evil?

The only true evil is unconsciousness and anti-consciousness, said the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas. Judgment is not unconsciousness or anti-consciousness. It’s disempowerment.

If you make it that people who disempower you are evil, what you’re doing is giving them a level of power they don’t deserve. Judgment is not powerful. Judgment is what you use to try and control people.

Most of us have the point of view that our judgment is a problem. What if, our judgment, or somebody else’s judgment, meant nothing?

As Gary said, People will try and disempower you with their judgment, they’ll try and stop you with their judgment, but they’re just not evil.

To do evil, you have to work against consciousness and do anti-consciousness, and to do unconsciousness, you have to ignore everything that you know.

When people judge are they ignoring everything they know? No, they’re just coming to conclusions so that they are right.

The only reason anybody does judgment is because they want to be right, Gary added

Judgment is pervasive in the world, so here are 3 tools to use whenever you come up against it:

1. When somebody delivers judgment

Gary’s response is, Thank you so much for caring. Most people don’t know what to do with that or how to respond to it. It takes the wind out of their sails.

2. Practice the tool of interesting point of view!

As Dr Dain Heer said, There are inherent judgments about all kinds of things such as alcohol, which keep you from the awareness of what your body desires and what would actually work for you.

If you didn’t have judgment of alcohol, if you were interesting point of view about it, what else could you choose? If you didn’t have any judgment of family, what else could you choose?

3.Use a little manipulation…

Manipulation is not always bad or wrong. If you use manipulation to get people to choose something greater, that’s actually a way of empowering them.

And the easiest way to manipulate someone is to ask them a question like, “What do you know?”

“Whenever you ask a question, you’re empowering people to know that they know. And whenever you ask them a question, you’re getting them to a place so that you can manipulate them into greater possibilities.” – Gary Douglas