From Confusion To Clarity

What if you could go from confusion to clarity with ease?

What if you’ve been using the exact wrong tool to gain the clarity you desire?

So how does confusion occur? Confusion occurs when there is an issue or problem and you just don’t know what to do.

In an attempt to figure out the solution to the problem, you go deep into thinking and thinking and thinking about it. Trying to muddle through and get the right answer.

It can feel like the more you think about it and think about it and think about it, trying so hard to figure it out, the more confused you get!

What if the road to clarity is not through thinking at all? Beyond the calculations of your mind is your knowing.

Knowing occurs in the absence of thinking.

If knowing occurs in the absence of thinking and what you’ve been trying to do is think your knowing into existence, you can see where that would create a huge amount of frustration, stress and confusion.

Knowing is fast, instantaneous.
It needs no explanation.
You just know.
Instant clarity.

It’s so often the case that knowing is disregarded – you can’t “just know” something! Where are the facts? Where’s the logic! Thinking your way to the right answer is the thing that is made valuable.

But what if you could “just know”.
What if you DID just know?

You can’t think knowing into existence.

Trying to think your way to clarity is using the exact wrong tool to try to accomplish the target.

Have you ever had a situation where you were trying to figure out the solution to a problem and you were thinking so hard about it… but all you got was more stressed?

Then, stressed out and in a state of frustration, you go off and do something that totally distracts you. Like play video games, watch TV, play with kids and then all of a sudden, while you’re distracted and not thinking about it… all the awareness you need comes in and you have clarity on the situation.

That’s the space of knowing.
What do you know?