Practice This – 10 Second Increments

“Choice is that moment by moment 10 second increment of possibility, in which you realize that your choice is the beginning of creation.” ~ Gary Douglas

Did you know that you can teach yourself to choose?
Try this tool…

Choosing in 10 Second Increments

Practice this.

Take a whole day choosing in 10 second increments. You have 10 seconds to live right now, what would you choose?  Ok, that 10 seconds have passed, now what would you choose?

And… now?

Recognize that it may not turn out the way you think it will, and it will give you the chance to choose again.

What else is possible now as you play with these tools?!


P.S. When you look at the world around you, with all the separation, judgments, insanity, angst, anger and upset, do you know that something else is possible?

We, at Access Consciousness, like to explore what else is possible. What else is possible beyond old ways of doing things?

What else is possible that actually works for you, and works for the whole planet?