What If The Universe Actually Has Your Back?

1- You, my friend, are a sleeping giant. There is so much more available in you, as you, for you, than you could ever, ever imagine.

2- Wherever you are at this moment in your life, you’ve done an absolutely brilliant job with the tools you’ve had available. (And what if there are greater tools now?)

3- Yes! All those things you dream about, deep within, they are all actually possible. Trust you!

4- No, you’re not normal, average and real.
And every time you don’t fit in; that is a gift of the different possibility you be.

5- You have a whole new reality to discover and create; your reality.
And it’s nothing like the one you’ve bought as right, perfect and correct from others. It is just like you, different.

6- When you are truly being you, you are so amazing that if you were willing to see and acknowledge that, it would blow you away.

7- You are crucial for the future; there are things only you know, that you’ve refused to know, that if you were willing to now know them, would change the world.

Dain Heer